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Big, epic-dramatic orchestral Score track featuring a catchy melancholic theme, exciting and lyrical strings, heroic horns and piano. Perfect for epic hero or mobster movies!

Mariana Galyshyn (all tracks)

adventure, experience, risky, cliffhanger, wild side, risk, threatening, danger, dangerous, daunting, scare, scaring, scary, menacing, ominous, drama, dramatic, dramatic, drastic, incisive, incising, touching, affecting, dark, acherontic, acheronian, gloomy, sinister, emotion, feeling, affecting, touching, soulful, sentimental, emotional, scary, creepily, creepy, spine-chilling, spooky, sinister, eerie, eerily, eldrich, uncannily, uncanny, unearthly, ghostly, heroic, mighty, mightful, almighty, triumph, victory, success, powerful, strong, potent, hero, glorying, triumphant, melancholic, dolefulness, melancholy, melancholia, sadness, gloom, sentimental, sorrowful, melodic, melodiously, harmonical, harmonious, tunefully, mysterious, secret, enigma, arcane, mystical, mystery, occult, romantic, flowery, starry-eyed, love, romance, suspense, tension, thrilling, exciting, suspicious, suspenseful, thriller, crime scene, murder, mystery, suspense, suspensfully, criminal, winter, snow, wintry, winterly, sledding, wintrily, wintery, disturbed, edgy, hectic, nervous, tense, jittery, restless, uneasy, forceful, powerful, strong, energetic, reolute, determined, hopeful, hopefully, reflective, pensive, thoughtfully, contemplative, gentle, tender, soft, smooth, mellow, serious, grave, passionate, ardently, Suspense, Adventure, Drama, Film score, Epic

Brass, Horn, Woodwinds, Piano, Strings, Orchestra, Percussions, Brass

gema-frei, akm-frei, suisa-frei, royaltyfree music, production music, royalty free music, gemafreie Musik

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