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Exciting-dramatic modern film score, blockbuster style, featuring lyrical and monumental orchestral sounds as well as powerful percussions and SFX.

Henning Nugel (all tracks)

adventure, action, powerful, energy, active, energetic, forceful, threatening, danger, dangerous, daunting, scare, scaring, scary, menacing, ominous, dramatic, tense, powerful, heartfelt, dark, gloomy, sinister, evil, fear, emotion, touching, soulful, sentimental, emotional, passionate, feeling, scary, creepy, spooky, sinister, eerie, eerily, uncanny, ghostly, terrifying, heroic, mighty, victory, success, powerful, strong, hero, glory, triumphant, valiant, victorious, horror, fear, fright, scare, shock, horrified, appalling, atrocity, scary, terror, melancholic, doleful, melancholy, melancholia, sentimental, sorrowful, sadness, depressing, melodic, melodious, mysterious, arcane, mystical, mystery, weird, strange, suspense, tension, thrilling, suspenseful, tense, frightening, ambient, airy, atmospheric, ethereal, aggressive, harsh, angry, determined, sci-fi, science fiction, outer space, future, otherworldly, energetic, powerful, forceful, determined, excited, enthusiastic, 15s, 30s, 60s edits, short version, edit, cut, commercial, tv ad, bumpers, talkover, military, martial, war, militant, battle, gladiatorial, Army, combat, serious, grave, passionate, stimulating, modern, contemporary, epic, monumental, massive, theatrically, theatric, histrionic, majestic, regal, honorable, royal, nature, landscape, woods, outdoors, action, adventure, fantasy, science fiction, epic, Film score, Suspense

Brass, Horn, Woodwinds, Strings, Clarionet, Clarinet, Orchestra, orchestral, Timbals, Percussions, Synthesizer, Synth, Synthie, SFX, Violin, Brass, Woodwinds

gema-frei, akm-frei, suisa-frei, royaltyfree music, production music, royalty free music, gemafreie Musik

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