• One Way Ticket To Hell Kriso
    • 2:20
    • middle - fast
      135 bpm
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Modern, dark-dramatic orchestral Score track full of action featuring heavy rock guitars, choir, synths, loops SXF and a powerful, impulsive beat.

Performance Rights Organization

This track is registerd with a performance rights organization! For any project that is broadcasted on tv, film or radio, remember to file a correct cue sheet with your local collection society.

Kriso (all tracks)

Soundtaxi Music Publishing LC-29459 (all tracks)

adventure, experience, risky, cliffhanger, wild side, risk, action, activity, agitation, powerful, energy, energetic, threatening, danger, dangerous, daunting, scare, scaring, scary, menacing, ominous, dramatic, dramatic, drastic, incisive, incising, touching, affecting, dark, acherontic, acheronian, gloomy, sinister, scary, creepily, creepy, spine-chilling, spooky, sinister, eerie, eerily, eldrich, uncannily, uncanny, unearthly, ghostly, heroic, mighty, mightful, almighty, triumph, victory, success, powerful, strong, potent, hero, glorying, triumphant, mysterious, secret, enigma, arcane, mystical, mystery, occult, suspense, tension, thrilling, exciting, suspicious, suspenseful, thriller, crime scene, murder, mystery, suspense, suspensfully, criminal, impulsive, driving, impelling, propulsive, kicking, upbeat, pusing, aggressive, rough, harsh, furious, hard, angry, gladiatorial, militant, disturbed, edgy, hectic, nervous, tense, jittery, restless, uneasy, extreme sports, racing, car racing, base jumping, downhill, dragster, extreme sports, ralley, motorbike, motorcycle, motocross, stockcar, rafting, wakeboarding, surfing, motor sports, snowboarding, skateboarding, funsports, forceful, powerful, strong, energetic, reolute, determined, serious, grave, passionate, ardently, rock, epic, thriller, suspense, mystery, gothic, Film score, Action

Brass, Choir, Guitar, E-Guitars, electric guitars, Strings, Bells, Orchestra, Timbals, Percussions, Synthesizer, Synth, Synthie, Drums, SFX, Guitar

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