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Very cool, exciting action score track, retro funk-style: typical 70s funk meets modern electro beats. Reminds of the streets of cable cars and Golden Gate Bridge.

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adventure, experience, risky, cliffhanger, wild side, risk, action, activity, agitation, powerful, energy, energetic, dramatic, dramatic, drastic, incisive, incising, touching, affecting, emotion, feeling, affecting, touching, soulful, sentimental, emotional, funky, freaky, groovy, rhythmic, historic, ancient, history, era, age, positive, well, nice, friendly, pleasant, optimistic, motivating, confident, uplifting, summer, warmth, sun, vacation, holiday, beach, sea, afield, warm, warmness, journey, suspense, tension, thrilling, exciting, suspicious, suspenseful, thriller, crime scene, murder, mystery, suspense, suspensfully, criminal, impulsive, driving, impelling, propulsive, kicking, upbeat, pusing, extreme sports, racing, car racing, base jumping, downhill, dragster, extreme sports, ralley, motorbike, motorcycle, motocross, stockcar, rafting, wakeboarding, surfing, motor sports, snowboarding, skateboarding, funsports, forceful, powerful, strong, energetic, reolute, determined, corporate, business, lifestyle, serious, grave, party, young, passionate, ardently, floating, motivating, motivation, suspense, electro, funk, Film score, Action

Brass, Trumpet, Guitar, Wah Guitars, wah wah, E-Guitars, electric guitars, Spinet, Strings, Organ, E-Piano, Percussions, Synthesizer, Synth, Synthie, bass guitar, Drums, Synthesizer Arpeggiator, Brass, Guitar, Piano

gema-frei, akm-frei, suisa-frei, lizenzfrei, royaltyfree music, production music, royalty free music, gemafreie Musik

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